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At BGM Pharma, we can handle all of your pharmaceutical consulting needs. Choose a service below.

EMS Non-Dispensing Drug Outlet Inspections

Monthly inspections of the non-dispensing drug outlet to ensure the facility is in compliance with all SC Board of Pharmacy statutes and regulations as it pertains to the permit, policies, and procedures for the procurement, storage, and distribution of drugs.

Medication Therapy Management (MTMs)

Perform a comprehensive medication review to assess the use of prescribed medication therapy for unnecessary medication needs, inappropriate dosing, adverse drug reactions, ineffective medications, and adherence issues.

Non-Dispensing Drug Outlet Inspection

Perform drug regimen reviews incorporating federally mandated standards of care, in addition to other applicable professional standards, such as the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) Practice Standards and clinical standards. 


Fantastic! Reach out to us via our contact form and someone will be in touch with you soon about opportunities with BGM Pharma.

Unfortunately we do not, however if you would like us to go over the SC Board of Pharmacy inspection guidelines with you, we would be happy to help.

Yes! When we conduct the consultation with you or your organization, we will go over those options with you all.

Yes we can and our hope is to earn your trust so that you feel comfortable enough to allow us to service all of your sites.

No, unfortunately we do not. We suggest that you speak with your primary health provider.

Currently we do not but we are looking to add that option at a later date.

Yes, you can self-pay or we can invoice your organization for agreed upon payment terms. We will discuss this in depth in our consultation.

Yes, the KnoMed mobile application was developed by us for your free usage. We want you to be informed.